Sep 29 2017

Scotland Named UK’s Gambling Capital

Gambling is a form of recreation, which many countries follow and many don’t. United Kingdom’s Scotland is one of the countries, which closely follow up the trend and have found themselves as to be the leader and securing the top spot as per the Gambling Commission. According to the sources, Scotland is the undisputed champions in Britain area and estimated around two-thirds of Scottish adults do place bets every year. That’s a remarkable margin for a country, which is not extremely populated. Scotland has outscored the likes of Newcastle, Manchester, London, Birmingham, and other neighboring cities of UK. It is perhaps the most talked places in the world right now for its betting culture. The rate has crossed over the alarming margin so fast, that it will require numerous restrictions and modification to be done quickly by the government to curb and maintain a safe activity.

Statistics Speaks

Statistics in any format of subjects gives us a comparative and futuristic analysis on how things are trending and shows on which directions we are moving. Gambling Commission has shown the stats of Scotland on the increasing trend in the betting culture carried out in the country. Here is a small game of numbers, which shows the rise in trend of betting as follows:

  • Having to see 2/3 rd of the adult population playing, Scotland shows a remarkable change in progress and is the clear leader of close to 16% ahead of London. While London is languishing at 52%, Scotland is leading the pack at 68%. The stat was conducted in 9 regions of England and Wales along with Scotland, where Scotland are outright winners.
  • As per the end of December 2016, Scotland has amassed a mammoth 3.7 billion pounds on segments such as fixed-odd betting terminals. Landman Economics mentioned earlier the year about the entire happenings. The show is a remarkable change in stature of the nation’s newest trend of gambling.
  • Not surprisingly, Scotland holds the record of having the most bookmaking shops in one particular street. The Dumbarton Road in Glasgow, single-handedly has 14 shops.
  • Matt Zarb-Cousin, the spokesperson for Campaign for Fairer Gambling, feels that the rate at which Scotland is going ahead with the betting schemes is quite alarming. The feel to curb too much gambling addiction is required by self-regulation has been initiated. An estimated over 200000 gamblers from Scotland are on the verge of falling to the danger level, this does, however, include 43% of the FOBT handlers.

Curbing the Issues

Zarb-Cousin also mentioned the possible way to curb too many stakes risking. According to his point, the government should immediately step up to the plate and must figure out a quick solution and ways to reduce the unlimited stake margins to a very low fixed wager on FOBT’s. The margin according to Zarb-Cousin is to bring down from 100 pounds to a mere 2 pounds. Plus, the limiting in the spreading of FOBT’s should also be initiated, so that all bookmakers and betting shops follow very strict laws on how to go for fair and fixed bets.

Sep 21 2017

Latest Trends in Online Betting in the UK

Betting in the United Kingdom was once considered one of the fan favorite recreations. The trends though did diminish over a certain period. Thanks to the advent of technology, the advent of online betting has sprung up, leaving a fruitful possibility to come up and make a presence in a country, with the currently golden scope of betting.

Back in the time, it was in the year 1963 until which any sort of betting process was completely banned in the United Kingdom. On that particular year, a new Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act came into the legislation. This did open up numerous opportunities for potential bookmakers ever since.

After 31 years, in 1994 the process of online betting has been initiated as a result of Free Trade and Processing Act came into the play. The legalization was quick, considering online access was limited in numerous countries at that point in time.

This law paved the way for a lot of online casinos spreading up for making a name in the market. From this time, online betting turned out to be quite a sensation in grabbing up the leisure activities and recreational forms of the localities and quickly turned out to be a hit. As per a survey conducted by Gambling Commission, it’s estimated that over 4000 UK adults as a part of the survey, they have come up with various forms of betting and trends in the UK as follows,

Types of Betting:

  • E-Sports Betting: Unsurprisingly, since betting has been so positively approved, Sports have been one of the major avenues to stick up a wager. The process involves innumerable aspects, where the enthusiast will pick up and put up a wager. Almost all the popular sports today have become a plight of bookmakers and gamblers to set up wagers upon.

Aside regular games such as football, basketball, hockey and all other conventional sports, some non-UK sports such as cockfighting, horse racing are now becoming a major subject of betting. What’s more, they all can be done online with the help of top bookmakers across the UK.

  • Mobile Casino Betting: Mobile Casinos are perhaps one of the innovations of technology, which allows innumerable mobile casinos to get featured in the app market and on various websites as well. Since most of the crowd has access to mobile phones, tablet, and other smart devices, playing these games online is easy. In a generation, which is rendered as digital generations, developers have found a way to make the most of it on supplying with a wide range of games.
  • Bitcoins: The newest and perhaps the mainly talked form of betting trends today is undoubtedly the Bitcoins. Though their presence can be tracked over few years-time, in the world of online and digitalization, Bitcoins have risen up the ranks like never before. Bitcoins help from financial departments sneak towards valuations, yet it acts as a virtual currency. They are independent entities, and don’t require any assistance from banks and can be transacted online. Its value depends on the possession and coin values.

Betting has evolved amazingly in the UK and is very much a significant part of many people’s lives. Irrespective of the purpose of betting, they can be controlled and played safe according to the bookmakers to be on the safer side.

Oct 27 2014

German Gambling Market Insights Digest

German Gambling Market

As it’s said on casino website – gambling stats and reviews center in Sweden, boasting one of the largest databases in the country, German mobile casinos profit will be doubled. The details have been published by Online Casino Deutschland, and such confidence is based on the growing popularity of mobile applications associated with gambling. Only in 2013 the market of online gambling has increased by about 20%.

German mobile casinos to double its turnover in 2015

According to OCD, in 2014 the world’s profit from virtual casinos will equal around 12 billion dollars. Moreover, a significant portion of this revenue should come from Germany. The calculations are based on two main indicators: first of all, taking into account the growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile gadgets. In Europe every second adult has a mobile device, and a year later, as stated by German analysts, this figure will rise by another third.

The second component is a constant growth of various mobile applications. The demand for such entertainment is also growing, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that manufacturers produce more and more variants of gambling applications (thus, trying to increase their own client base). And when we talk about Germany, the population of this country is a leader in the consumption of such products across the entire Europe.

Immediate legal reaction to follow

Almost surely interrelated with a surge in interest, a new association of bookmakers will be formed, which will aim at turning the bookmaking business in the country in a stable and reliable industry. The creation of the Association is closely followed by leading German and international operators. The main goals of the organization will be fighting with gambling addiction, illegal activities and developing of new legal norms. Among the founders would be the former top managers with the experience at Betfair, Mybet, and Ladbrokes, as well as a number of local operators.

The controversy

What is particularly interesting, not the whole Germany welcomes the spread of gambling activities. For example, in Lower Saxony the opponents of online gambling have quite strong positions. Local officials actively counteract the emergence of new companies, urging banks to block their operations. However, all this does not prevent operators to provide their services, even in spite of all the obstacles encountered on their way through the efforts of the authorities.

Despite the fact that Germany is one of the most advanced and economically prosperous countries in Europe, gambling industry is considered to be among the most opaque ones. Strictly speaking, the new association is intended to finally bring the bookies out of the shadows and make them operate as transparently as possible. The new organization is expected to become a new weapon in the fight against organized illegal bookmaking and illegal online games.

Indubitably, the efforts in this direction will have a constant course of action, as it seems that Germany is realizing successful of Italy and France, enjoying the generous taxation money influx from another portion of online gambling legalization.