Scotland Named UK’s Gambling Capital

Gambling is a form of recreation, which many countries follow and many don’t. United Kingdom’s Scotland is one of the countries, which closely follow up the trend and have found themselves as to be the leader and securing the top spot as per the Gambling Commission. According to the sources, Scotland is the undisputed champions in Britain area and estimated around two-thirds of Scottish adults do place bets every year. That’s a remarkable margin for a country, which is not extremely populated. Scotland has outscored the likes of Newcastle, Manchester, London, Birmingham, and other neighboring cities of UK. It is perhaps the most talked places in the world right now for its betting culture. The rate has crossed over the alarming margin so fast, that it will require numerous restrictions and modification to be done quickly by the government to curb and maintain a safe activity.

Statistics Speaks

Statistics in any format of subjects gives us a comparative and futuristic analysis on how things are trending and shows on which directions we are moving. Gambling Commission has shown the stats of Scotland on the increasing trend in the betting culture carried out in the country. Here is a small game of numbers, which shows the rise in trend of betting as follows:

  • Having to see 2/3 rd of the adult population playing, Scotland shows a remarkable change in progress and is the clear leader of close to 16% ahead of London. While London is languishing at 52%, Scotland is leading the pack at 68%. The stat was conducted in 9 regions of England and Wales along with Scotland, where Scotland are outright winners.
  • As per the end of December 2016, Scotland has amassed a mammoth 3.7 billion pounds on segments such as fixed-odd betting terminals. Landman Economics ( mentioned earlier the year about the entire happenings. The show is a remarkable change in stature of the nation’s newest trend of gambling.
  • Not surprisingly, Scotland holds the record of having the most bookmaking shops in one particular street. The Dumbarton Road in Glasgow, single-handedly has 14 shops.
  • Matt Zarb-Cousin, the spokesperson for Campaign for Fairer Gambling, feels that the rate at which Scotland is going ahead with the betting schemes is quite alarming. The feel to curb too much gambling addiction is required by self-regulation has been initiated. An estimated over 200000 gamblers from Scotland are on the verge of falling to the danger level, this does, however, include 43% of the FOBT handlers.

Curbing the Issues

Zarb-Cousin also mentioned the possible way to curb too many stakes risking. According to his point, the government should immediately step up to the plate and must figure out a quick solution and ways to reduce the unlimited stake margins to a very low fixed wager on FOBT’s. The margin according to Zarb-Cousin is to bring down from 100 pounds to a mere 2 pounds. Plus, the limiting in the spreading of FOBT’s should also be initiated, so that all bookmakers and betting shops follow very strict laws on how to go for fair and fixed bets.