Latest Trends in Online Betting in the UK

Betting in the United Kingdom was once considered one of the fan favorite recreations. The trends though did diminish over a certain period. Thanks to the advent of technology, the advent of online betting has sprung up, leaving a fruitful possibility to come up and make a presence in a country, with the currently golden scope of betting.

Back in the time, it was in the year 1963 until which any sort of betting process was completely banned in the United Kingdom. On that particular year, a new Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act ( came into the legislation. This did open up numerous opportunities for potential bookmakers ever since.

After 31 years, in 1994 the process of online betting has been initiated as a result of Free Trade and Processing Act came into the play. The legalization was quick, considering online access was limited in numerous countries at that point in time.

This law paved the way for a lot of online casinos spreading up for making a name in the market. From this time, online betting turned out to be quite a sensation in grabbing up the leisure activities and recreational forms of the localities and quickly turned out to be a hit. As per a survey conducted by Gambling Commission (, it’s estimated that over 4000 UK adults as a part of the survey, they have come up with various forms of betting and trends in the UK as follows,

Types of Betting:

  • E-Sports Betting: Unsurprisingly, since betting has been so positively approved, Sports have been one of the major avenues to stick up a wager. The process involves innumerable aspects, where the enthusiast will pick up and put up a wager. Almost all the popular sports today have become a plight of bookmakers and gamblers to set up wagers upon.

Aside regular games such as football, basketball, hockey and all other conventional sports, some non-UK sports such as cockfighting, horse racing are now becoming a major subject of betting. What’s more, they all can be done online with the help of top bookmakers across the UK.

  • Mobile Casino Betting: Mobile Casinos are perhaps one of the innovations of technology, which allows innumerable mobile casinos to get featured in the app market and on various websites as well. Since most of the crowd has access to mobile phones, tablet, and other smart devices, playing these games online is easy. In a generation, which is rendered as digital generations, developers have found a way to make the most of it on supplying with a wide range of games.
  • Bitcoins: The newest and perhaps the mainly talked form of betting trends today is undoubtedly the Bitcoins. Though their presence can be tracked over few years-time, in the world of online and digitalization, Bitcoins have risen up the ranks like never before. Bitcoins help from financial departments sneak towards valuations, yet it acts as a virtual currency. They are independent entities, and don’t require any assistance from banks and can be transacted online. Its value depends on the possession and coin values.

Betting has evolved amazingly in the UK and is very much a significant part of many people’s lives. Irrespective of the purpose of betting, they can be controlled and played safe according to the bookmakers to be on the safer side.