Top 5 biggest online casinos in the EU

The UK is the best country in Europe to gamble online. There are many websites that are working to lure in the customers and they are successful to a great extent. For now, the UK is still a part of the European Union and players are free to choose where to play. If you want to have a look at a broader list of European online casinos, you can do so at Svenskkasinon casino. It is a Swedish website that can show you the complete details about the casinos. With the best and the most advanced technologies, such casinos are also very safe and secure to play at. From a customer’s perspective, the UK is one of the countries with the highest customer wins in 2017 so the odds here are at an all-time high. Online casinos are giving a tough time to the brick and mortar casinos. It is all because of the ease of access and the variety of games they offer.

Top 5 UK online casinos

888 Casino

There are over 300 games that are offered by this website and the customer satisfaction rate is about 88% in total. The number of players has increased significantly over the past 12 months. Currently, the total number of players of this casino has risen to 550k+. Since inception, there have been 29 jackpots and the current RTP rate stands at 97% the highest for any online casino in Europe. The casino offers 100GBP welcome bonus once the initial deposit has been made. With 185 slots and 8 table games, this casino is the largest one in the UK online gambling market.

Grosvenor Casino

There are over 250 online games that can be played at this online casino. In terms of revenue and the total number of players, this casino is ranked no. 2 in the UK. There are 440k+ players that use this casino monthly so the finances of this casino are staggering and impressive. This casino offers 20 GBP welcome bonus once the deposit has been made. The RTP of this casino is 96% and the overall rating is 83%. Since inception, there have been 46 jackpots which means that not only the company but the customer win rate is also high.

Bet Victor

In terms of earnings and the total number of players, this casino is the third largest in the UK. There are 400k+ active users that play over 800 live casino games on this website. The casino uses the most recent technologies to make sure that the customers are protected. The RTP of this casino is 96% and 80% of the customers recommend it.

32 Red

This casino is recommended by 84% of the players that have been here. One of the best parts of this casino is that it is directly associated with the European gambling market and works without any restrictions. The payout rate of this casino is 96.6% and it offers up to 160GBP welcome bonus to the new players. With the reach out of the UK, this casino is highly recommended to all.


This casino is recommended with by 87% of the customers. There have been 37 jackpots in total and the payout rate is 97%. There are 860+ online games that are played by 160k+ users per month Casumo also offers the 300GBP bonus to the new players that deposit.